The following localities are used for the Identification System:

  • GR – Guffy Run
  • L – Limestone
  • LC – Local Creek
  • M – Mid Level Shale
  • US – Upper Shale
  • U – Unknown Origin

These are areas near my residence that provide different kinds of fossils and finds. The creeks can be tricky as specimens can come from both the bedrock within and from eroded rocks carried down stream.


What I call limestone is likely a shale/sandstone marine mix of material that intersects the local hill laterally extensively. The samples I have found either disappear into the ground as the hill rises or continue up the hill.

A typical sample of what I have come to call Limestone.

Mid Level Shale

A stack of shale immediately above the limestone layer. The limestone layer was buried behind talus. This shale has many occurrences of marine life and many concretions rich in iron. In this layer I found both Meekospira Peracuta and Paleoneilo samples.

Guffy Run

Guffy Run makes it way past my locale down to the Kiskiminetas River. The source is near the Ames Limestone and empties out into the river after cutting into the Allegheny Formation.