Catalog Number: CG-0019

First described in 1870 by Meek and Worthen, Solenochilus is a genus of Cephalopod. The identification is most likely, as two experts have noted the wide square shape of the specimen. For a short time I considered Ephippioceras. However, this specimen is much too large to be Ephippioceras, which are 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter when mature.

This is likely a body chamber of the species. There is a Phragmacone evident, however I’ll need to work the specimen to see more of it.

The Discovery

It was really hot, in the 90’s and sunny all day. The limestone slabs I brought home a few days earlier were baking in the sun. As rock heats up, I find that it dries out and breaks apart easier. After it became cool enough to be outside working on rocks, I started tapping these apart with a rock hammer. After some time, I was close to giving up, but then this large piece appeared right in the middle of a larger slab.

When I first found this, I suspected a Clam or Oyster, but I was looking at it from the wrong angle. Turning it ninety degrees gives it a different perspective.

Specimen within rock

Note the shell material flaking off as I uncovered it. The rock was very dry.

Specimen after removing from larger rock, before matrix removal

Specimen showing line and reverse side

Matrix Removed

Rotated View from Top

360 view from the top

Rotated View from Bottom

Solenochilus rotated view

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