This publication, by Donald M. Hoskins, was written for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and for the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey. You can download a digital copy using the link below. You can also order a physical version by contacting them by email via a link on the DCNR Geology Publications and Data page.

I have found several of the common fossils available in the book locally. However, the state differs in geologic age and you’ll find different fossil families in different geographic locations. For example, central Pennsylvania is a much better place to find large Trilobites, a favorite among fossil collectors.

PA Geology Publications

A large list of publications is available by visiting this link.

Other Pennsylvania Fossil Publications

Fossil Collecting in Pennsylvania – 1983

Others States but Useful Here

Several other states have publications that are useful in Pennsylvanian. New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia all have relatable stratum that correlates with stratum locally. The same floods that brought ancient seas to Western Pennsylvania also flooded the land with water in these places. While the Brush Creek limestone locally is only a foot or two thick, so places have it tens of feet thick from the same time period.