Macroneuropteris is a much more rare genus than Pecopteris. However, these can be found locally in the shale below the primary limestone layer. The detail within the leaf of this specimen is stunning in my opinion. The Middle Pennsylvanian Sydney Mines Formation, found in Nova Scotia, Canada, have revealed aRead More →

There are two corals that occur locally. Stereostylus is a common solitary horn coral in Pennsylvania. These two specimens show perhaps the same species. The top piece on polished limestone is a cut cross section. The bottom piece is an eroded end sticking out of stone. The shell material erodedRead More →

Aviculopinna peracuta

I’m not certain on the genus and species. I’ve considered Meekopinna Americana and Aviculopinna peracuta as possibilities. However, upon reading an article from the Journal of Paleontology, the entire family is in need of some clarification. We understand, however, that the Paleozoic Pinnidae are in need of a complete re-investigation;Read More →