Aviculopinna peracuta

I’m not certain on the genus and species. I’ve considered Meekopinna Americana and Aviculopinna peracuta as possibilities. However, upon reading an article from the Journal of Paleontology, the entire family is in need of some clarification. We understand, however, that the Paleozoic Pinnidae are in need of a complete re-investigation;Read More →

Ever since I’ve figured out what they were, local Pinnid fossil specimens are a personal favorite to find. In examining the remaining shell material in these fossils, I have been able to see the prismatic layer represented on the shell hinge in at least two specimens. The specimens below showRead More →

Cephalopod found in Pennsylvanian Limestone

This specimen is a Sea Pen. Originally, I was classifying local Sea Pen fossils as Pteronites, however over the past 50 years, the naming has started to change. The type species Pteronites was originally named for species found in England (McCoy 1842). In 1978, a new branch named Meekopinna (YanceyRead More →

After finding a great Sea Pen example, I also found this one that had been set aside. The specimen passes through the rock, therefore showing itself on the other side as well. A Crinoid stem impression can be seen on the opposite side. The first one I found was supposedRead More →

A sea pen from the genus Pteronites. I am still looking for more information about Pteronites in general. There is also a second example available. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Cnidaria Class: Anthozoa Order: Pennatulacea More about Pteronites Fossilworks – listing on PteronitesRead More →