It’s been a little while since a new Petalodus ohioensis tooth has been found locally. As luck would have it, a new one showed up. This will be a short post, as the tooth is currently missing it’s cusp. While breaking apart the rock, I happened to split this oneRead More →

Petalodus ohioensis

Petalodus ohioensis tooth number 10 is a beautiful specimen. It’s well shaped, well colored and has a solid root. I worked the specimen with an air scribe for some time, removing matrix from a perimeter slowly, before uncovering the tooth itself. Air scribes are useful but troublesome to work with.Read More →

Petalodus Tooth

In going back to the area where I typically find Petalodus teeth, I have several pieces of limestone separated out to look for. In searching, I found another tooth. However upon closer inspection I figured out that I had found the other side of tooth no. 6. Petalodus CatalogRead More →

While sorting through the endless piles of fossil pieces I have set near the lab microscope, I found another piece of a Petalodus Tooth. This is the most incomplete of the teeth I’ve found to date, with only a microscopic tooth chip left behind. However, this helps with microscopic viewsRead More →