Macroneuropteris is a seed plant that has a temporal range only in the Carboniferous. I found this specimen in the talus near the lab. Most specimens I find are of small leaves, or large pieces of bark. This was more certainly a large leaf. I wanted to show the leafRead More →


This specimen is probably Wilkingia. But it could also be Phestia. I compared photos from a quick web search of each and I found examples of Wilkingia to be far more comparable. Wilkingia lived from the Carboniferous until the Permian periods of time. This particular specimen is from eroded matrix,Read More →

Maybe Pseudorthoceras, but I’m going to give more weight to Mooreoceras because of the large size of this specimen. The shell is a longicone. Also, the position of the Septal neck is off-center, as shown on the following plate. I found the impression of the larger piece still in theRead More →


Original Catalog No. 2019-04-LS-000 Identification as Pecopteris is very likely. This comes from a newly found shale landslide. The piece had fallen out of the hill and was lying on the ground. The rock is very fragile. The colors shown are rarer in this area, more commonly being a greyRead More →

A solitary type of coral found commonly in the local limestone/marine layer. I have been told the two examples below are perhaps of two different species. The first piece is assumed to be Stereostylus. The second piece that is split down the middle was thought to perhaps be Lophophyllidium. ThatRead More →

A few layers of rock contain several concretions. We called these dinosaur eggs when we were younger, not knowing exactly what they were. We have come to find that these are simply hard, compact masses of matter. These settle within the muds and sands that make the local rocks. SomeRead More →

This specimen started out showing about 40-50% of itself within the Limestone matrix is was embedded in. I spent a good deal of time with the air scribe to free it. I am confident that it is Metacoceras, but I welcome other opinions. The raised spines along the top sideRead More →