Map showing Parks Township Geology
1980 PA Geology Formation Map

The majority of Parks Township is located within the Conemaugh Group. The Conemaugh group splits into two different formations. The Glenshaw is lower and older. The Casselman is younger and higher. Parks Township Geology is all Pennsylvanian in age, being mostly older than 300 million years of age. I am still performing further research to determine more accurate ages for locales.

My particular dig sites appear to be somewhere between 310 – 312 million years of age.

Synclines and Anticlines

The Duquesne-Fairmount Syncline runs through Parks Township starting at Kepple Hill in the South and generally following North to the West of Dime Road (ALT PA 66). The Greensale-Sabinsville Anticline ends in the Township. While you can see a hill or valley over terrain, the formation geology below also rolls independently of what can be seen above the ground. A syncline is a fold that has dropped in elevation while an anticline is a fold that has risen.

Parks Township Syncline and Anticline lines.
Parks Township, showing syncline and anticline lines.

Parks Township Formation Geology

There are several articles below that talk about local formations. These formations are groups of rock layers that make up the local bedrock. There are several correlations you can find with layers over great distances. The Ames Limestone as shown on the map below can also be found all the way over in the state of Ohio. It is made up of the same material and is there due to the same geologic process, in that case being the Ames Sea.

Generalized Formation Geology of Parks Township
by John A. Harper 2019

Published Articles about Local Geology Formations

Pennsylvania 310 million years ago

General Geology Report 59
Copyright 1970 Pennsylvania Geological Survey

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