This is a nicer than usual specimen of Metacoceras I wanted to share today. The matrix that preserves the shell is softer and was exposed at the end of the boulder. I may clean it up further, however being fragile I may not be able to get much closer withoutRead More →

This gastropod has a highly probable Identification. I have confirmation that Trepospira sphaerulata is found in this and nearby limestone layers. Based on the nodes visible on the top of the last whorl, a local fossil gastropod expert gives this as a likely identification. This specimen comes from the PineRead More →

Petalodus ohioensis from the Pine Creek Limestone

This is the first specimen of Petalodus ohioensis I have recovered from Pine Creek Limestone. Specimens of Petalodus can be found in marine zones throughout the Glenshaw Formation, so finding one here is no surprise. However through several trips to the locality, which is around 10 miles North East fromRead More →

Here are some stacked views taken through a microscope of a crinoid column with two side stems. Crinoid columns are very common in the local limestone, however ones with side branches are more rare. These are some close ups and microscopic views of the surfaces. Other Crinoid Posts Crinoid StemRead More →