This gastropod has a highly probable Identification. I have confirmation that Trepospira sphaerulata is found in this and nearby limestone layers. Based on the nodes visible on the top of the last whorl, a local fossil gastropod expert gives this as a likely identification. This specimen comes from the PineRead More →

Shansiella carbonaria Specimen CG-0060

First described by Norwood and Pratten in 1855, Shansiella carbonaria is a very common fossil gastropod. The species existed from 306.95 until 295 million years ago. The genus Shansiella, first described by Yin in 1932, existed from 360.7 until 254 million years ago. The genus described after the species isRead More →

Gastropods from Pine Creek Limestone

The Pine Creek Limestone is supposed to be somewhere in my local area, but perhaps it was not laid down as strata here. It’s likely in Parks Township, but I have yet to find it. The nearest place I currently know to find it is at an intersection of 422/28/66Read More →

Amphiscapha is a common fossil in Parks Township. It appears often as a flat spiral within shale. This particular specimen was accompanied by two Meekospira. I used a pair of engineering tweezers to remove some matrix from the sides of the larger of the two Meekospira. First described in 1942Read More →

This tiny gastropod is likely from the genus Glabrocingulum. First described by Thomas in 1940, Glabrocingulum has a geologic range of 353 to 205 million years ago. Being so small, it was difficult to identify via fossil plates alone. It has the raised edge with a bump pattern, but itRead More →

This small gastropod was found embedded within limestone in what I now call my limestone pile. As I collect limestone from the surrounding hillsides, The pieces I can carry end up here. There are over 62,000 species of gastropods, and they first appear during the early Cambrian period of time.Read More →

Shansiella, a Gastropod

Shansiella was first described by Yin in 1932. It can be identified as such by viewing it’s bands and a distinctive selenizone on the aperture opening. There are large numbers of Gastropod samples to be found in Limestone and shale, but I rarely do I find ones that are asRead More →