It is a fossil something, but I am not sure what it is. I’ve stumped the few people I have shown so far. It has the familiar look of Calamites, but does not have the nodes. It was also embedded within limestone, which I do not find any plant fossilsRead More →

One of two large specimens found in the same rock. This rock was found as a large piece embedded about 3 feet up a hillside. After wrestling it to the ground, a large sledgehammer split it into three large pieces, so that I could transport them home. I started toRead More →

My best bet on this specimen is a cephalopod, perhaps a Mooreoceras. It tapers ever so slightly, whereas a sea pen would be a much sharper. However, there are no discernible septal markings on the shell. The shape is nearly a circle in cross section. It measures 18mm in diameterRead More →

This small gastropod was found embedded within limestone in what I now call my limestone pile. As I collect limestone from the surrounding hillsides, The pieces I can carry end up here. There are over 62,000 species of gastropods, and they first appear during the early Cambrian period of time.Read More →