Recently I was able to obtain two nice examples of Lepidodendron from the Pottsville Formation in Alabama. This formation is two formations away from the Glenshaw, having the Allegheny Formation between them. Both specimens are different species, however, species for these could very well just mean they come from a different part of the same plant. Imagine the bark pattern on an Oak tree trunk vs the pattern on the upper branches. It would be quite different.

The two specimens, CG-0227 and CG-0228 have been added to the catalog. CG-0227 is considered Lepidodendron obavatum, where as CG-0228 is identified only to the genus level of Lepidodendron.

Lepidodendron fossil from the Pennsylvanian of Alabama.
Lepidodendron obavatum fossil from the Pennsylvanian of Alabama.

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