This is a short post to report specimens of Schistoceras from the Portersville Limestone in nearby West Virginia. The 1997 volume Pennsylvanian Cephalopods of Ohio reported only 21 total nautiloid cephalopod specimens from the Portersville Limestone in their study area and no specimens of Schistoceras. There were 276 ammonoids inRead More →

Update: This is not a monospecific/monotypic genus. Some additional species are recently described in the mid-continent. I will add the references when I get time. The monospecific genus Pennoceras has a limited range, the Brush Creek and Pine Creek limestones in Pennsylvania and Ohio. These curious members of the GoniatitidaRead More →

Fossilized Paleozoic Ammonoids are a rare find in the Glenshaw Formation. When recovered, these specimens can be challenging to identify. I have recovered a few ammonoids, but as far as volume goes, the nautiloids rule the available fauna. I found my first ammonoid early, but I could not identify itRead More →

The local limestone stratigraphy gives paleontologists ample opportunity to find specimens from the class Cephalopoda. These layers are all exposed as part of the Glenshaw formation, the dominant formation within Parks Township. The examples below represent a few of the many different cephalopods genera that are available. Found Cephalopod GenusRead More →