I’ve mistaken a few clams for Brachiopods, but there is a difference. Brachiopods tend to be a mirror image from left to right whereas Clams are mirrored top to bottom if you look at them straight on. There is still a lot I have to learn about Brachiopods in general.

Brachiopods Through Time

Brachiopod diversity was more or less high throughout the Carboniferous. After the period changed over to the Permian, the diversity sharply declined and never recovered to levels sustained from 485 until 299 million years ago.

Today, there are about 100 living genera, however there have been about 5,000 discovered in the fossil record.

Brachiopods from Parks Township

Brachiopod Specimens from the Catalog

There are several brachiopods in the general collection and a handful entered into the catalog. The following specimens are entered.

More about Brachiopods


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