The Brachiopod genus Composita was existent from 376 to 252 million years ago. Like a large majority of genus that I collect, the Permian-Triassic Extinction event caused them to go extinct. This specimen was collected in April of 2019 was identified early on by J. Harper, a trusted expert inRead More →

Linoproductus was first described by Chao in 1927. It went extinct during the Permian / Triassic Extinction event 252 million years ago. More Reading About Linoproductus Online Taxon Page – FossilworksRead More →

Spines in Brachiopods rarely survive in the local rocks. While I believe I have found a few already separated, I rarely see one actually embedded on the shell. I found the 1mm long spine on this Brachiopod specimen I brought back this evening after freeing it from float limestone withinRead More →

Euphemites, maybe

Update: This may be Euphemites. Examples from the Pennsylvanian Atlas of Life. Euphemites is a genus of the Bellerophontidae family. It is firmly within the Mollusca Phylum, but exact taxonomy is not universally agreed upon. I will likely have a lot of unidentified pieces. This includes many brachiopods, as theyRead More →

Punctospirifer was first described by North in 1920. In existed from 376 until 252.3 million years ago. It went extinct during the Permian Extinction. I believe my identification of this species is likely correct, but I’m not good with this type of Brachiopod. Upon seeing the large double grove andRead More →