Catalog Number: CG-0025

February 2020 – I have updated this post. I received a more solid identification of Brachycycloceras after a visit to the Carnegie Museum.

June 2020 – I am again updating this post. I shared the photo of CM 29726 with Royal Mapes, who said that the specimen is defiantly not a Brachycycloceras. He said that the “open umbilicus, rate of coiling and the width of the conch” suggest Solenochilus. Going on this, I am reverting my identification of this back to Solenochilus. I contacted the museum and they agreed with Mapes assessment, thus re-labeling the specimen as Solenochilus.

The information below is currently out of date. I will need to update it to reflect the genus Solenchilus.

About Brachycycloceras

First described by Miller in 1933, the genus Brachycycloceras occurs from 326 million years ago up until the Permian extinction, 252 million years ago. This genus is relativity unknown to me. There are 5 valid species under the genus. They are:

Brachycyclocerascurtum1869Meek and Worthen
Brachycyclocerasnormale1855Miller et al.
Brachycyclocerasrustaqense1996Niko et al.
Brachycycloceraswashingtonense1964Gordon, Jr.
The 5 valid species of the genus Brachycycloceras.

It’s worth noting that the Encyclopedia of Ancient Life lists Brachycycloceras bransoni as a species.

This is by far the largest identifiable Cephalopod body chamber I have found to date. It came out of the hillside as a boulder but had a familiar body chamber shape. I could quickly identify it as a cephalopod, but I was unsure of the species. This particular specimen measures 5.5 inches wide by 9 inches long.

As usual, a specimen this large is also very fragmented and hard to see in detail past what you can see in the photos below. However, it is positive for being a shelled creature of this size.

CG-0025 next to four different genera of local cephalopods.

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