Catalog Number: CG-0006

Maybe Pseudorthoceras, but I’m going to give more weight to Mooreoceras because of the large size of this specimen. The shell is a longicone. Also, the position of the Septal neck is off-center, as shown on the following plate.

Mooreoceras showing off-center septal neck.

I found the impression of the larger piece still in the hillside, which prompted me to search for the piece. It was thankfully lying below on the base of the dig site. This piece was embedded in eroded limestone which has turned a red color and is very easily disintegrated. The layer was in contact with wet clay.

Despite the composition of the layer, the fossil itself was quite solid. Digging further back into the hole, 3 additional sections came out, along with a chunk and several small chips. The fossil plates I used to identify this show the small hole in the plates. I have included microscope views of the found fossilized plates.

Temporal Range of Mooreoceras

Temporal Range of the genus  Mooreoceras
The genus has been found across almost 100 million years of time.

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