Catalog Number: CG-0007

Update: This may be Euphemites. Examples from the Pennsylvanian Atlas of Life. Euphemites is a genus of the Bellerophontidae family. It is firmly within the Mollusca phylum, but exact taxonomy is not universally agreed upon.

I will likely have a lot of unidentified pieces. This includes many brachiopods, as they are very common throughout my strata. This specimen was exposed while splitting limestone. I immediately saw the smooth steinkern after the split and set it aside.

The specimen was heavily worked with an air scribe and my original goal was to free the brachiopod from the limestone matrix. However as I got close to a stopping point, I noticed it looked great as is. The fossilized creature is still holding fast. I can attribute this to the thick shell. It enabled me to separate the rock from the shell.

Typically I remove the steinkern by chipping away at the softer shell material. The shell material typically holds much better to the rock than the interior. That was not the case here, so I took the opportunity to expose the shell.

There are noticeable parallel grooves on the backside shown in photos four and seven. A possible Meekopinna shows up in view 6. It looked like it would fall apart if removed, so I left it.