Catalog Number: CG-0008

Update: This has been identified as Eomarginifera longispinus.

This specimen came out with more detail than I’ve ever seen in a Brachiopod locally. I was knocking off eroded edges from a large piece of limestone when this showed up. Surprisingly, I was able to wiggle the specimen in the rock. I ended up splitting the boulder in half and taking the half home that contained this Brachiopod. Once home, I took a scribe and worked the piece out by digging into the soft red eroded rock it was in.

This specimen was collected from what I locally call the Shipman Limestone Area. I removed a huge piece of limestone from the hillside when finding this specimen.

Brachiopod diversity peaked during the Devonian period of time, and the Carboniferous was arguably the second most diverse geological time period for the phylum.

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