Catalog Number: CG-0017

This tiny gastropod is likely from the genus Glabrocingulum. First described by Thomas in 1940, Glabrocingulum has a geologic range of 353 to 205 million years ago.

Being so small, it was difficult to identify via fossil plates alone. It has the raised edge with a bump pattern, but it doesn’t have the separation I’ve seen on plates with Worthenia. This particular specimen neatly fell out of limestone while I was removing a different specimen.

The shell is small, only measuring about 7mm wide as viewed from the top. Despite being so tiny, the detail on the shell is remarkable. I was able to get a positive identification on this specimen from people within the invertebrates department within the Carnegie Museum.

Another mystery surrounding the genus is which family it belongs to. I have seen conflicting reports where the family is Eotomariidae but also Gosseletinidae.

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