Catalog Number: CG-0018

Amphiscapha is a commonly recovered genus of gastropod fossil in Parks Township. It appears often as a flat spiral within the shale. This particular specimen was accompanied by two Meekospira. I used a pair of engineering tweezers to remove some matrix from the sides of the larger of the two Meekospira. Being common in shale, these are difficult to remove from the matrix. The fossils are as fragile as the matrix they are in, and often will break. Leaving these in place on the original rock they were found on can be helpful.

In 1942, J.B. Knight erected a new genus of gastropod from an existing genus. Amphiscapha was described as:

Discoidal shells with the spire depressed and the umbilicus very wide and shallow.

J.B. Knight, Journal of Paleontology, Vol 16, No. 4, PP. 487-488, July 1942

It has a generally short geologic age range of 318 to 272 million years ago. The genus was extant for only 46 million years which is shorter than most invertebrate species I have studied so far. Meekospira as a genus dies out during the P-T Extinction event, where around 96% of all marine species perished. Amphiscapha died out 20 million years prior.

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