Catalog Number: CG-0028

The fossil Amphiscapha appears readily within shale locally. Buried at an angle different from the plane the shale sheared from, this specimen is a bit unique. Only the raised rim was visible initially. Using precision tweezers, I slowly used the sharp metal ends and a microscope to reveal the rest of the fossil.

There are several species of Amphiscapha, and I can’t quickly identify this one. The species being Subrugosus is likely, but I am not sure—the raised ridge and swirl pattern match, and it has been found in Pennsylvania.

CG-0028, Amphiscapha
CG-0028, Amphiscapha

Another Amphiscapha specimen.

It has been three years since I reported on this specimen. I have found several more in shale and limestone and from the Brush Creek limestone and the Pine Creek limestone. The specimen below comes from the shale above the Pine Creek limestone in Kittanning, PA. This is a view towards the spire, which in this genus is depressed instead of pointing up. I still have not decided on a species. You can tell this is the spire because the aperture is visible on the left side.

CG-0570—Amphiscapha sp. from the Pine Creek limestone in Kittanning, PA.

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