Lophophyllidium and Stereostylus are the two known genera of Rugose Corals in the Glenshaw Formation. Locally in the Brush Creek limestone, they are common to find. Unfortunately, they are hard to recover from the hard limestone and don’t come out in one piece. The Pine Creek limestone locality, however, is quite a different story. These corals are everywhere in particular layers, and are easily recoverable.

Rugose Corals from Pine Creek limestone
The tray here is full of rugose corals from Pine Creek Limestone. It only took two trips to accumulate this many specimens.

Distribution in the Glenshaw Formation.

Calvin T. Colson wrote a paper about two new genera of Rugose Corals, Pseudozaphrentoides and Lophamplexus, in the Pennsylvanian of Ohio. However, both of these genera occur in the older Allegheny Formation.


There is a considerable breadth of available terminology for describing Rugose corals. Here are some of the more important ones.

  • Theca – the outer wall

Rugose Coral Photo Gallery

All specimens below were collected at the Kittanning Pine Creek limestone locality. These photos were taken through a microscope lens and several focal planes were merged into one sharper photo.

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