Catalog Number: CG-0056

This is the largest Solenochilus I have found to date. It was found as part of an interesting array of fossils that included Metacoceras, Petalodus and a Trilobite pygidium all in close proximity. As I was removing the Petalodus, I noticed the shell curve, but it was buried in limestone. As I finished cleaning up the tooth, I took a hammer to the rock and the rest was revealed. I cut this square piece from the much larger rock.

These are some of the best suture lines in a Solenochilus specimen I have seen so far. The siphuncle is visible on the ventral margin and the suture lines are straight. This specimen was found in Brush Creek Limestone.

Specimen is on the bottom of the limestone. A Metacoceras can be seen above it.

Solenochilus Photos

The following is a gallery of photos of the Solenochilus specimen.

This is the 4th Solenochilus I have found to date. It is the largest of the four. Each one has been interesting in its own right.

  • CG-0056 – This specimen. Largest found so far.
  • CG-0046 – Specimen with preserved lateral spine pieces.
  • CG-0043 – Specimen with probable bite marks.
  • CG-0025 – First Solenochilus found locally.