Catalog Number: CG-0108

Crinoid Calyx specimens are well known in the world of paleontology. I personally have not found one that I could identify as such. Crinoid columns are very common in local rocks. However, Crinoid Calyx pieces seem to be rare locally. I found several columns just yesterday, when collecting limestone that yielded this specimen. This particular piece jarred lose while cleaning collected rocks. It presented as a tooth shape, but it was too wide to be one.

Figuring out which genus this belongs to will be near impossible I believe. The pentagon shape is relatable to several different species. Perhaps a seasoned expert in crinoids would have a quick answer, but I’m quite lost currently.

Another interesting fact is that the worm-like pattern on the surface is a kind of encrusting foram. I know nothing about these creatures. It is possibly the genus Tolypammina.

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