This is a short post to report specimens of Schistoceras from the Portersville Limestone in nearby West Virginia. The 1997 volume Pennsylvanian Cephalopods of Ohio reported only 21 total nautiloid cephalopod specimens from the Portersville Limestone in their study area and no specimens of Schistoceras. There were 276 ammonoids inRead More →


I started my research thinking this fossil was Mahoningoceras Murphy 1974, then later thought it was smashed, had straight flank sutures, and was a Millkoninckioceras Kummel 1963. I reversed this decision again after comparing it to Millkoninckioceras and refocused on Mahoningoceras. Yet, I received a photo of the holotype fromRead More →

Poterioceras curtum is a Pennsylvanian cephalopod first described by Meek & Worthen in 1860. I originally misidentified these as Ctenobactrites isogramma. This is not the first report of this species in Western Pennsylvania. A report from the Annals of the Carnegie Museum in 1947 features specimens from the Brush CreekRead More →

Going by the fossil example shown on the Pennsylvanian Atlas of Ancient Life, I am calling this find a Pseudorthoceras. The rock was split into two pieces, and the photo is of them joined back up. The white markings are from an air scribe. Pseudorthoceras belongs to the class Cephalopoda.Read More →