Catalog Number: CG-0070

It’s been a little while since a new Petalodus ohioensis tooth has been found locally. As luck would have it, a new one showed up. This will be a short post, as the tooth is currently missing its cusp. While breaking apart the rock, I happened to split this one right across the crown. I recovered the bottom portion with a large-sized root, but the top is currently missing. Interestingly, it does present a nice cross-section through the crown. I’ll save a final examination for later, as I’m still searching the small area for the crown.

There was a trilobite pygidium (tail) mold next to it as well.

Image of the root, part of the crown, and the negative rock that was attached.
CG-0070, Petalodus ohioensis. It is missing crown end, mostly complete root and partial crown. The smaller piece fits on top of a larger piece.
Catalog IDSpecimen NameCrown HeightCrown Width
CG-0015Petalodus I6mm23mm
CG-0016Petalodus II9.5mm24mm*
CG-0029Petalodus III8mm28mm*
CG-0027Petalodus IV10.5mm**
CG-0034Petalodus V14mm27mm*
CG-0038Petalodus VI5.5mm*****
CG-0045Petalodus VII10mm25mm
CG-0047Petalodus VIII13mm31mm
CG-0048Petalodus IX******
CG-0055Petalodus X11mm†28mm
CG-0058Petalodus XI8mm†27mm
CG-0070Petalodus XII******
CG-0087Petalodus XIII9mm23mm
CG-0102Petalodus XIVComing SoonComing Soon
CG-0107Petalodus XVComing SoonComing Soon
Current specimens found and metric measurements. Crown height measured from start of root on the lingual side. This includes a dark band that was originally covered by the distal crown tongue.
* – Measured based on symmetry. One side broken/obscured.
** – Unable to measure, both sides were broken.
*** – From the top of the distal crown tongue.
**** – Unable to measure, crown broken.
† – Measured from the labial side.