Catalog Number: CG-0021

I often find bits of Metacoceras, a Coiled Cephalopod that existed between 314 million years ago until just before the Permian / Triassic Extinction event. I have been looking for complete specimens, but typically they are bisected on some sort of sediment plane within the limestone.

Close up showing septal bands vertically and the characteristic spines on the top portion.


In my local area, there is a lot of water. Guffy run is the major artery running through the valley and is joined by several small streams. One of the smaller of the streams is a steep deep valley tributary that runs into a tall hill. The floor is nearly completely made of shale and a limestone ledge is exposed well.

While exploring the ledge I hammered off some easy to remove edges and a piece I picked up had the shell material from this specimen on it. On the remaining rock I could see this large piece of the creature sticking out. I decided to come back with a shovel and larger hammer to remove a much larger piece of the rock.

Once I was able to get the rock back home, I took the time to split it in half. I did this to reduce the weight. In case this happens to be a complete specimen, I want to be able to work on it easily with an air scribe. The rock was very wet, and for now I am letting it dry out.

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