In continuing new specimen photography, I have completed the photography for all Wilkingia terminale in the catalog. I have described some specimens in the text below.

CG-0012, Wilkingia terminale

The specimen is nearly 7 cm in length, from posterior to anterior, and 2 cm between margins. Growth lines are visible over the entire specimen. The matrix is remaining on the anterior end. The specimen is not crushed in appearance. Some growth rings are missing on the dorsal margin. The ventral margin appears sharp. The shell cross-section is diamond-shaped.

Wilkingia with metric scale
CG-0012, right valve, ventral margin visible along the top.
Wilkingia, dorsal margin with metric scale
CG-0012, dorsal margin view.

CG-0031, Wilkingia terminale

The specimen is 9 cm in length and 2.5 cm between the margins. The anterior end is rounded in appearance. The posterior end is partially missing.

CG-0032, Wilkingia terminale
CG-0031, Dorsal margin.
CG-0032, Wilkingia terminale
CG-0031, Right Valve. Crushing visible, causing morphed specimen.
CG-0032, Wilkingia terminale
CG-0031, Ventral margin view.