This tiny gastropod is likely from the genus Glabrocingulum. First described by Thomas in 1940, Glabrocingulum has a geologic range of 353 to 205 million years ago. Being so small, it was difficult to identify via fossil plates alone. It has the raised edge with a bump pattern, but itRead More →

This small gastropod was found embedded within limestone in what I now call my limestone pile. As I collect limestone from the surrounding hillsides, The pieces I can carry end up here. There are over 62,000 species of gastropods, and they first appear during the early Cambrian period of time.Read More →

Shansiella, a Gastropod

Shansiella was first described by Yin in 1932. It can be identified as such by viewing it’s bands and a distinctive selenizone on the aperture opening. There are large numbers of Gastropod samples to be found in Limestone and shale, but I rarely do I find ones that are asRead More →