Catalog Number: CG-0047

One large piece of limestone needed broken into two or three pieces to haul back. With one crack of the 16lb sledge hammer, a chunk of limestone separated and exposed this very nice Petalodus tooth. This particular tooth specimen sets a few firsts. It’s the widest tooth I’ve found at 31mm. It is the second tooth that I was able to remove from the rock matrix. And it’s the first removed one with preserved enamel present.

The last Petalodus tooth I found was found exposed directly to the stream bed and was eroded. Most shell and tooth material I find has a bit of original preserved organic material left. It is said that the highly organic local rocks block the processes that typically remove these materials. The limestone is of high organic content, with it’s dark composition being the key piece of evidence. When ancient seas contain very little oxygen, any organic material that settles on the bottom resits decay.

I glued the corner back on using Paraloid B-72. The specimen is also missing it’s root. The root likely shattered when the rock came apart. I was also able to preserve the mold, as shown below. The large distal crown tongue grooves are prominently visible on the mold. Also, you can see left-over enamel material gives the tooth blade area its color.

Mold from the lingual view of the tooth. Many bands from the distal crown tongue can be seen.

Gallery of Petalodus Photos

Petalodus Tooth, metric scale
Tooth with metric scale

Microscopic Petalodus Tooth Views

Other Petalodus Finds

This is the eight Petalodus tooth that I have found, here in Parks Township. All specimens collected thus far are listed below. Visible below as CG-0047, this specimen has the widest crown width of all current specimens. The crown height measurement may need adjusted, however. It should be measured either on the lingual or labial side for all.

Catalog IDSpecimen NameCrown HeightCrown Width
CG-0015Petalodus I6mm23mm
CG-0016Petalodus II9.5mm24mm*
CG-0029Petalodus III8mm28mm*
CG-0027Petalodus IV10.5mm**
CG-0034Petalodus V14mm27mm*
CG-0038Petalodus VI5.5mm*****
CG-0045Petalodus VII10mm25mm
CG-0047Petalodus VIII13mm31mm
CG-0048Petalodus IX******
CG-0055Petalodus X11mm†28mm
CG-0058Petalodus XI8mm†27mm
CG-0070Petalodus XII******
CG-0087Petalodus XIII9mm23mm
CG-0102Petalodus XIVComing SoonComing Soon
CG-0107Petalodus XVComing SoonComing Soon
Current specimens found and metric measurements. Crown height measured from start of root on the lingual side. This includes a dark band that was originally covered by the distal crown tongue.
* – Measured based on symmetry. One side broken/obscured.
** – Unable to measure, both sides were broken.
*** – From the top of the distal crown tongue.
**** – Unable to measure, crown broken.
† – Measured from the labial side.