Catalog Number: CG-0045

Yesterday I discovered a first local Petalodus tooth that was removable from the matrix. It’s the first time I’ve been able to examine one in three dimensions easily. I was not aware of how flat one side is compared to the other. There is a root, however it became detached when the tooth came out. I plan on gluing it back together with some Paraloid B-72. The root is still attached to the matrix.

The rock I found it on was on limestone that appeared to be weathered by water. The face was weathered free and water had removed the outer enamel that has remained on most of my other specimens. The positive side to this was the tooth easily came out of the rock.

Petalodus Tooth in Brush Creek Limestone
Specimen before it was removed. Natural erosion had done most of the work for me.

While the above photo shows a shallow root, it appears to be twice as long. I removed part of the matrix that traps the root and the backside of it extends further than I thought. There is a clearly defined distal crown tongue on the the side of the above photo.

Back side of the root showing a less wrinkled appearance.

This tooth really changed my preconception of what shape they are. I’ve seen countless illustrations and descriptions, but none helped me imagine what it looked like in person.

This being my seventh tooth, they all up until this point have been found embedded in Brush Creek Limestone. While other limestone my allow pieces to weather out, and teeth have been found in shales in other places, so far I have only recovered teeth from cement

Petalodus Tooth Detail

Other Local Petalodus Specimens

Catalog IDSpecimen NameCrown HeightCrown Width
CG-0015Petalodus I6mm23mm
CG-0016Petalodus II9.5mm24mm*
CG-0029Petalodus III8mm28mm*
CG-0027Petalodus IV10.5mm**
CG-0034Petalodus V14mm27mm*
CG-0038Petalodus VI5.5mm*****
CG-0045Petalodus VII10mm25mm
CG-0047Petalodus VIII13mm31mm
CG-0048Petalodus IX******
CG-0055Petalodus X11mm†28mm
CG-0058Petalodus XI8mm†27mm
CG-0070Petalodus XII******
CG-0087Petalodus XIII9mm23mm
CG-0102Petalodus XIVComing SoonComing Soon
CG-0107Petalodus XVComing SoonComing Soon
Current specimens found and metric measurements. Crown height measured from start of root on the lingual side. This includes a dark band that was originally covered by the distal crown tongue.
* – Measured based on symmetry. One side broken/obscured.
** – Unable to measure, both sides were broken.
*** – From the top of the distal crown tongue.
**** – Unable to measure, crown broken.
† – Measured from the labial side.

Petalodus Research

I am currently in the process of collecting information and research about Petalodus Teeth in general. I have an online page that is a subset of that research. Petalodus Research Page.