Catalog Number: CG-0100

This Solenochilus, an extinct genus of paleozoic cephalopod, was found today (Late August 2020) after splitting a piece of float limestone half-buried in the mud at creek level upstream in Guffy Run. The rock was three inches thick and had a long rectangular shape. A heavy blow to the center of the rock revealed roughly a third of the Solenochilus specimen, as its steinkern separated from the shell.

Solenochilus as first exposed in limestone

The plan is to prep this further. Hopefully, I will have more to write about it at that time.

Mid-prep photos

I’ve put a couple of hours into this. The shell is chipping away slowly. At times I get larger areas of shell, but it’s very dry and brittle and eventually shatters. The steinkern will likely be very good-looking, so I’m aiming to expose that fully. I am using a combination of the CP-9361 air scribe and a grinder with a concrete wheel to remove the matrix.

Near final prep photos

After lots of work, this is where I landed a few days later. The back still needs to be worked on. There is still shell material that can be worked on and more of the body chamber can be exposed. I’m not sure about the underside of the specimen, I may give it a shot. These seem to end up on the seafloor and get ground down, perhaps with water motion. You can tell that the shell itself has tilted perhaps 10 degrees off-center compared to the layers within the limestone.

Solenochilus specimens collected locally

IDPostUnique Feature
CG-0019SolenochilusFirst found.
CG-0025Solenochilus, probablyLargest found.
CG-0043Solenochilus II, with bite marksShark bite marks.
CG-0046Solenochilus III, with lateral spinePreserved lateral spine.
CG-0056Solenochilus IVLarge with several other specimens.
CG-0066Solenochilus VClear inner whorl preservation.
CG-0081Small SolenochilusSmallest found.
CG-0100Solenochilus VIILarge mostly complete shell.
CG-0159Solenochilus with body chamber peristomeFirst preserved body chamber edge.