Not sure what this is. I feel like it is common. What was interesting is the original shell material and the fact that is was two shells stacked. The first assumption I’ve heard is that is it Linoproductus.Read More →

The clam Palaeoneilo is easy to spot on this specimen of shale. But, the Lepidophylloides piece under the Microscope really sold me on adding this to my formal collection. Is it a leaf or a spine? However, after some further discussion with more seasoned fossil experts, the Lepidophylloides may actuallyRead More →

Meekospira peracuta

Meekospira peracuta shown here is a high-spired snail found next to a concretion in shale. The large outer rim of the concretion is shown to the left. The tip of the snail was more prominent when first pulled out, and attempted removal of the clay on the shale made meRead More →